Commission on Presbytery Operations


Commission on Presbytery Operations Members

Membership: 9 (teaching elders and ruling elders)

Class of 2020
Chris Conlin
Lou Perli
Ross Stone
Class of 2021
Le Roy Ennenga
Nancy Skoog
Stan Menning
Class of 2022
Nathan Lamb
Keith Lohse
Bea Ourada
Budget and Finance Task Force Personnel Task Force
Chris Conlin (chair) Le Roy Ennenga (chair)
Keith Lohse Nathan Lamb
Nancy Skoog Bea Ourada
Ross Stone Lou Perli
Stan Menning  

Co-Chairs: Chris Conlin and Le Roy Ennenga

The Commission of Presbytery Operations will:
  1. Between the meetings of the Presbytery, use delegated authority to take actions on behalf of the Presbytery as necessary 
  2. Provide oversight for the Presbytery's budgeted and designated finances, according to the presbytery’s Fiscal Accountability Policies (Manual of Operations: Article V, Appendix 1) 
  3. Provide oversight for the Presbytery's property (Manual of Operations: Article V, Appendix 1) 
  4. Act as Trustees of the Presbytery in accordance with the presbytery’s Fiscal Accountability Policies (Manual of Operations: Article V, Appendices 1, 2 and 3) 
  5. Provide oversight of the Presbytery staff and implement the presbytery’s approved personnel policies (Article V, Appendix 10) 
  6. Nominate members to serve on the Committee on Representation 
  7. Be responsible for maintaining communications with the Synod of Lake and Prairies and the General Assembly (G.3.0302: c, d and e) 
  8. Appoint and dissolve administrative commissions if need arises (G-3.0109b) 
  9. Receive proposed changes to Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Operating Procedures and recommend action to presbytery.
Intentions for Living Out the Vision:
We will build and maintain healthy relationships with one another, the Synod of Lakes and Prairies, the General Assembly and its agencies, and the wider faith community. 

Book of Order: G-3.01; G-3.0101; G-3.0104-0113; G-3.0301; G-3.0302; G-3.0303f;  G-4.01; G-4.02
2020 Per Capita: $41.45 per member based on 2018 church membership
General Assembly - $8.95
Synod of Lakes & Prairies - $5.50
Presbytery of Minnesota Valleys - $27.00

2019 Meeting Dates

10:00-4:00 on Saturday, January 11 at First Presbyterian Willmar