Pastor's Theological Educational Loan Reimbursement Program

Purpose:  This matching fund program in partnership with local churches will attract and retain pastors in the Presbytery of Minnesota Valleys.

Program Guidelines :

  1. This program will match proportionately the contribution the local church and the pastor are making towards the pastor's theological educational loans up to a maximum of $1,500/year for 3 years.  These matching funds are awarded to the church after the church has submitted documentation on its contribution and a description of how these funds were raised. Under no circumstances will this program provide more grant funds than the local church.  The pastor must also provide documentation of his/her contributions to the theological educational loans before funds can be released.
  2. Church sessions must approve the request and submit an application. The application requires:
    1. the church's financial statements from the past two years
    2. the current income and expenditures and budget
    3. verification of the pastor's outstanding theological educational loans and scheduled loan payments
  3. These matching funds for the pastor's theological educational loans are NOT part of the pastor's compensation plan but represent contributions beyond the minimum guidelines.
  4. The following criteria will be considered when awarding grants under this program:
    1. The amount of per capita giving of the church as it compares to other churches of the Presbytery of Minnesota Valleys
    2. The church's involvement in the life of the Presbytery
    3. The church's support of mission giving
  5. Churches will be asked to "share their story" to other churches.
  6. Members of the Congregational Growth and Development Committee may meet or call the session prior to the committee reviewing and acting upon the application. The committee will report its action on all applications at the next Presbytery Council meeting.
  7. Initial grant awards will be given for three years contingent upon the pastor remaining at the church, the local church and pastor continuing to contribute their shares of the loan, the church's involvement in the life of the Presbytery and the church's status in per capita and mission giving. Annual reviews on the theological educational loan program will be conducted every February.
  8. Depending on availability of funds, grants can be renewed for an additional three years at reduced funding levels. No church can assume they will be guaranteed funds under this program.