From the Synod of Lakes and Prairies:

In October, we will be offering The Art of Transitional Ministry Training the week of October 12 at Christ the King Retreat Center (pandemic decline willing).  If we can’t have it in person, we will offer it online.  You know the leaders – SanDawna Ashley, Jeff Japinga, Rachel Yates and myself.  We have redesigned the program to be an experiential training that will equip those considering Interim Ministry as a call as well as those seeking skills/tools to lead in times of transition (such as the changes 2020 has brought to church life).  A flyer is here.
Finally, one of the strategic priorities for the Synod is to develop a coaching network.  We have a sub-committee at work developing this in collaboration with Laurie Ferguson.  We have budgeted to help train 2-3 people from each presbytery in a way that would qualify them to become a Certified Coach.  The curriculum will begin this fall and conclude in the fall of 2021.  Each coach will be asked to give some free and/or reduced time to coach others in the Synod.  The hope is that in established a vetted network, pastors and congregations who would benefit from coaching can be served – not necessarily by those in their own presbytery (although they could if that is what they wanted).  Attached is the application for potential candidates to complete and return to me by July 15.  So, please think about 2-3 people in your presbytery who might be a great coach and might be open to the possibility and share this flyer with them. 

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